11-13th Oct 2019

We're flocking to the world's second largest canyon for a bird-filled weekend away!

Our Capertee Valley Workshop is a great weekend getaway to hone your bird photography skills and see a stunning part of New South Wales.

The Capertee Valley is just a few hours west of Sydney on the other side of the Great Dividing Range, so the species of birds found there are quite different to the coast. At certain times of year it is also often home to the endangered Regent Honeyeater!

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at a glance

The weekend will start 3pm on Friday afternoon, meeting at our accommodation in Glen Davis - just over 3 hours from Sydney's CBD.

Once there, everything else will be taken care of for you including all meals and accommodation!


special access

We'll have special access to a couple of private properties, as we learn about photographing birds both coming in to bird baths using perch set-ups.

We'll also be looking for interesting birds and animals along the roadside as we wander through the valley.

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not just birds

We'll also get out spotlighting on Friday and Saturday nights looking for whatever nocturnal creatures we can find, as well as a little bit of landscape photography. There is also old shale mine ruins to explore next to our accommodation.

The weekend will wrap up on Sunday afternoon with a stop at Lake Wallace for waterbirds on our way back to Sydney.


We'll have two cottages at
The Poplars, a unique property bordering the national park and flanked by the escarpment.All meals will be catered by a couple of wonderful local ladies with a focus on fresh local produce.


Target Species we will be looking for will include Hooded Robin, Brown Treecreeper, lots of honeyeater species including Regents, Diamond Firetails, Plum-headed, Zebra & Double-barred Finches and more.



* 2 Nights Accommodation at the Poplars in Glen Davis

* All meals included from Friday Dinner to Sunday lunch

* Expert Photographic and Ecological Tuition

* Morning and afternoon field outings focussing on different birds & techniques including perch set-ups

* Access to private properties in the valley

* Session on Basic Post Production Workflow & Techniques

* Spotlighting at night for owls, mammals and reptiles

* Mammal spotting - Euro, Wombat, Eastern Grey Kangaroo

* All surrounded by the stunning backdrop of the sandstone cliffs of the Capertee Valley


$1350 per person

ask about our Non-Photographic Partner rate

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* You need to make your own way to and from our meeting place in Glen Davis
* It could potentially be hot out there so be prepared with hat, sunscreen, appropriate clothing etc
* Plenty of water and soft drinks will be provided, however it is BYO alcohol. 
* As with any tour, unfortunately we cannot control the weather or indeed the wildlife. We'll do everything in our power to find the best subjects to photograph. Note this isn't a tour to try to tick off as many species as possible.


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