Flock Wildlife tours want to take you to some of Australia's best places to see and photograph our unique and varied fauna.

Whilst we have a love and focus on birds, there is always the opportunity to search for some or our more scaly, furry or slimy inhabitants. Henry's ability to find small reptiles and frogs is something to behold!

Depending on the length of the tour we aim to cover as many relevant topics as we can including:

  • camera equipment and accessories
  • basic - advanced camera controls and exposure theory
  • composition and artistic intent
  • field techniques - getting close to your subject
  • hides & camouflage
  • wildlife ethics
  • how to see and read light
  • using different angles and backgrounds to create the best image
  • how to manage your files
  • post production techniques - how to get the most out of your images
  • birds in flight
  • macro techniques - reptile photography
  • beginners through to professionals

You will always see us holding a camera on our trips as we have had a lot of feedback from our clients to say that they learn so much from us leading by example. That doesn't mean we won't be focused on making sure you get the shot first though! We want you to learn every facet of how we create our images, and most importantly create plenty of your own!

Don't hesitate to CONTACT US to ask more questions or find out about upcoming tours

Our aim is also to team up with other awesome guides and photographers around the country to maximise our time at a location and to support local tourism.

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