birds of a feather

you know that old saying; birds of a feather...

Back in 2013, Henry, myself and another great mate Fatih Sam, travelled out to some of the most remote locations I've been in this country: Diamantina and Astrebla Downs National Parks and beyond, in western Queensland. The idea started as an excuse to try looking for Night Parrots not long after John Young's momentous discovery just a few months earlier.
It was an incredible trip filled with memories of tens of thousands of Flock Bronzewing Pigeons coming in to drink at an isolated dam far from mobile reception or petrol stations.

Seeing 20-30,000 birds wheeling about the sky in a long drawn-out flock was quite simply one of the greatest wildlife experiences of my life. I've never seen so many birds together like that and the way they knew where the water was and kept each other safe by sticking together was amazing.

That trip cemented a common love for Australia's wildlife and the knowledge that Henry and I had similar mindsets in terms of what we wanted to do. There was no fear of stopping to photograph something and finding the other companions bored at the prospect on that trip. If one of us yelled stop, chances are the other was already thinking the same thing.

As the last few years have passed we've increased our thirst to share that same feeling with others and to help people further their photographic knowledge. For some time now we've been happy to just organise ourselves under our own names, but our dreams are bigger and we wanted to create something that was more than just us.

We wanted a name that told more of a story of what we want to do.

Henry and I both love people and being out sharing our environment with others. The obvious bird reference to being like a flock came quickly to us.

A flock of birds doesn't always have to be the same species or follow each other in perfect precision though. They can share the same passion and learning but all have a different voice.

In our photography training we love getting together as a group; a flock. To lead people to water so to speak, and help them feel safe in their photographic journey. However we also want to encourage people to find their own creative voice.

We want to empower others with logistical, technical and artistic tuition, to find greater enjoyment, and even challenges, in their love of wildlife and the creation of their images; as well as build friendships, and have fun doing it.

We really hope that you will join us one day on one of our wildlife photography tours or workshops;

To join our Flock.

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