South Luangwa NP & Luambe NP | Zambia
September 2020

Get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

We’re flying far far away and joining Safari Frank for an 8 day tour of some of the most amazing parts of Africa.

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Species we will see

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all skill levels

You don't need to be an expert photographer with a super telephoto lens to enjoy this trip. A smaller zoom such as a 100-400mm will be great for alot of the mammal action. Birds of course will always need the longest lend you have.
Whatever camera you have there is no doubt that you will still learn a lot and have great fun doing it!
This tour is designed to be fun and suit most fitness levels.


* 6 Nights Accommodation - First night in Longreach then 5 nights at Noonbah Station

* All meals! Home cooked country food!

* Expert Photographic and Ecological Tuition

* Morning and Afternoon outings focussing on different birds & techniques

* Classroom sessions on Photographic techniques, composition and Post Processing

* Practical Sessions on Birds In Flight, Night Photography, Macro

* Practical Sessions on Landscape photography - long exposures, time-lapse

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Target Species include Major Mitchells, Splendid Fairy-wren, Hall’s Babbler, honeyeaters, Spotted Nightjar, Diamond Dove, Spinifex Pigeon, Brolga, Red Kangaroo and much more!


*Note cost is in US$. Also the price does not include flights to and from Africa

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Not Included: Flights to and from Africa.

* It could potentially be hot out there so be prepared with hat, sunscreen, appropriate clothing.
* As with any tour, unfortunately we cannot control the weather or indeed the wildlife. The itinerary will be flexible to make the most of the weather and any target species. This part of the country can be incredibly variable in terms of species numbers and diversity depending on prior rainfall which we obviously can’t predict in advance.
* As with all of our tours we strongly recommend getting travel and camera insurance



If you are keen to make the most of going all that way to Africa, we have a few options that we can add depending on the number of people.


Extension Cost $??per person

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target species

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