Better Bird Photography

Mandurah | Western Australia

Saturday 9th March 2019


If you're based near Perth and keen to improve your bird photography (as well as have the opportunity to photograph some stunning species) then this is the day for you!

Our Mandurah Half Day Workshop is the perfect opportunity for those with limited time to come out for a few hours with us to hone your skills and learn some new tips and tricks


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9 March 5:45am - 10:45am

Expert Photography tuition by award winning photographer Shelley Pearson.

The focus of this Half Day workshop is to help you to capture Better Bird Photographs.

We’ll be looking at technical aspects of bird photography including understanding your camera and how to use and see light as well as get the right exposure.
We’ll also be looking at different field techniques, from how to get low and close to waterbirds to capture them at eye level, as well as how to capture birds in flight! 

We will be having a maximum of 3 participants so book now!

Obviously there are so many elements to bird photography that you can’t learn in one session but Shelley will be doing her best to pack it full of fun and information, and most importantly some great images! Having a maximum of 3 participants will ensure that everyone is looked after personally, regardless of your skill level. Having a longer telephoto lens of at least 300mm will be preferable, however you don’t need a massive DSLR and super telephoto lens to learn and have a great time.

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Our meeting place is Mandurah Estuary about an hour south of Perth. Here we'll start shooting at first light, with beautiful Egrets, Herons, Pelicans, Terns and some migratory shorebirds as subjects.

A wander around the bush nearby will focus on Fairy-Wrens and perhaps White-fronted Chats.

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All skill levels catered for!

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* Half Day Workshop

* Max 3 participants

* Expert Photographic Tuition

* Morning Tea at a local cafe included

* Learn how to photograph Waterbirds

* Getting low - using low angles to create stunning images

* Understanding your camera

* How to shoot in low light

* How to photograph Birds in Flight

 * Learn about bird behaviour to get better images


$190 per person

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* You need to make your own way to our meeting place at Mandurah Estuary (about an hour south of Perth) 
* Bring a hat, insect repellent and boots for walking around the muddy foreshore
* It might be cold or you may get wet, so bring some warmer clothes and perhaps a change of clothes too
* As with any tour, unfortunately we cannot control the weather or indeed the wildlife. We'll do everything in our power to find the best subjects to photograph, however we can't give guarantees that we will see all of the species mentioned.


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