Saturday 2nd June 2018 - SOLD OUT!

Better Bird Photography

If you're keen to improve your bird photography and have the opportunity to photograph some stunning species but only want to bout for one day then this is the day for you!

Our Central Coast Full Day Workshop is the perfect opportunity for those with limited time to come out for a day with us to hone your skills and learn some new tips and tricks!



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Green Catbird_David Stowe-1520.jpg

at a glance

FULL DAY 7am - 4:30pm

Expert Photography tuition by award winning photographers David Stowe & Henry Cook.

Self Drive

Fully Catered (morning & afternoon tea, lunch included)

Starting at Brunkerville and finishing at Matcham.



Our meeting place is The Old Brush - a private property with a couple of cute little cabins and lots of great birds; many of whom are used to coming to feeders. There our focus will be on some cool forest birds, like Wonga and White-headed Pigeons, Bar-shouldered and Brown Cuckoo Doves as well as Satin Bowerbirds, and Eastern Yellow Robins. If we're lucky we might add Rose Robin and Bassian Thrush.



We’ll then drive to our second location, which is another private property at Matcham on the Central Coast. Our main targets there will be Green Catbird and hopefully Regent Bowerbird. A couple of species that are typically pretty tough to see and photograph close to Sydney.


Brown Cuckoo-Dove_David Stowe-8693.jpg
White-headed Pigeon_David Stowe-8371.jpg

Regent Bowerbird_David Stowe-2-2.jpg

Satin Bowerbird_David Stowe-8497.jpg

Target species

Wonga Pigeon,
Brown Cuckoo-Dove,
Bar-shouldered Dove,
White-headed Pigeon,
Satin Bowerbird,
Green Catbird,
Regent Bowerbird,
Eastern Yellow Robin,
Rose Robin and more!

Eastern Yellow Robin_David Stowe-6289.jpg


* Full Day Workshop

Expert Photographic and Ecological Tuition

Learn how to photograph in low light conditions

* Using Tripods and Monopods

* Fill Flash Explained

Lunch, Morning & Afternoon Tea included

* Field outing focussing on different birds & techniques including perch set-ups

* Access to private properties


$290 per person



* You need to make your own way to our meeting place at The Old Brush at Brunkerville (just past Freemans Waterhole off the F3 Freeway) and then to our second location at Matcham. 
* It is likely to be cold. Bring warm clothes and wet weather gear in case. 
* As with any tour, unfortunately we cannot control the weather or indeed the wildlife. We'll do everything in our power to find the best subjects to photograph, however we can't give guarantees that we will see all of the species mentioned.



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