Beginner Workflow Workshop

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6pm - 9pm Wednesday October 17th 2018

Have you ever taken an image you are really happy with but have no idea what to do with it once it’s on your computer?

If you have then this short workshop is for you!
We strongly believe that every image can be enhanced in some way in post production. Whether it’s simple exposure corrections or cropping, adding more sharpening or noise reduction, or much more.

It all starts with getting the images onto your computer or hard drive, and then organising, backing up, and working on those images.

This information-filled 3 hour Beginner Workflow Workshop is aimed at people who don’t have much, or any, experience in this important aspect of photography and want to start from scratch.
Perhaps you have dabbled with Lightroom but don’t really understand how catalogs work or how to best organise your images. Maybe you upload to an iPad and use the “Photos” app but aren’t getting the most out of it?

In this workshop we will look at

  • Importing images to your computer/hard drive

  • Hardware such as Card Readers and External Hard Drives

  • Organising your files

  • Backing up your files

  • Importing Images into Lightroom Classic CC & understanding Catalogs

  • Basic Image Adjustments - including cropping, exposure, white balance, shadow/highlight

  • Benefits of Shooting RAW

  • Dispelling the SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) myth

unedited RAW file

unedited RAW file

final Processed file

final Processed file

Small Group = Personalised Attention

Part of our philosophy at Flock is to keep the groups small to make sure we can give you the attention you need. So our post production workshops are limited to 4 people.
They are held at Society Photography (Dave’s studio) - in the beautiful Headland Park Harbour Trust precinct in Mosman. A comfortable and relaxed space perfect for a small intimate group.
For the best image quality we will looking at high resolution monitors which will give you a great view of the subtleties of image correction.
We want this to be a really practical session, so it’s also super important to bring along your own laptop (or iPad if that is your preferred downloading device) so you can work along with Dave and make the learning even more personal and help it sink in.
Also have your computer loaded with at least a trial version of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. If you are only using a program such as Apple Photos don’t worry, a lot of what we will be talking about will carry over.

Note the workshop will be presented on Apple Mac computers, however all the concepts taught are completely transferable to a PC workflow.

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unedited raw file

unedited raw file

Memory Cards_David Stowe-8716.jpg
final processed file

final processed file

Cost $150 per person (maximum 4)

6pm - 9pm Wednesday October 17th 2018



Society Photography, Building 58 Suite 3 Gunshot Alley, Suakin Drive Mosman NSW 2088

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